Education in Chuvashia

     Almost 230,000 children go to 695 general schools of the Republic. Five higher educational institutions (Chuvash State University, Chuvash State Pedigogigal Institute, Chuvash State Agricultural Academy, Cheboksary Cooperative Institute of the Moscow University of Consumer Cooperation, and the Cheboksary faculty of St. Petersburg State Technical University) train 45,000 specialists. In 1996, 9,380 young specialists graduated from higher and secondary educational institutions.

     One hundred twenty doctors and 785 candidates of sciences work at the universities and institutes of the Republic. Links with educational institutions in other countries are encouraged.
Cheboksary's Cooperative Institute has initiated an ongoing exchange of students and professors with  counterparts in Syracuse, NY. Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and Chuvash State University have recently  operated the International Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management.

     Chuvash State University has signed 20 cooperative agreements with foreign organizations in various areas of scientific and medical research.

     The Chuvash National Academy of Sciences and Arts coordinates technical research, including the work of the highly successful All-Russian Research Institute of Relay Construction, leaders in the field of electrical engineering. The Chuvash Statae Institute of Humanities plays a leading role in lingusitics, literary and folklore studies, popular and professional art, history, ethnography, and in research of socioeconomic trends of the region.